January 20, 2015


poker face

I feel like today its not very productive to me, but seeing and hearing things from others makes me wonder are we living in a poker face ?

I notice everything and by everything, I mean everything

I notice the lil thing that people do and the lil things they use to do

It makes you realize that sometimes life it is not as beautiful as it seems

I listen to you but I feel you wearing a poker face, or am I wearing a poker face ??

Wat a pity world !


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January 15, 2015

Our samples

Most of us are familiar with that shirt or dress that brings out our individuality, making us feel most like ourselves, most at ease. With such a piece, we are able to go confidently through the day while focusing on the more important things in life: performing well at work, connecting with friends, or enjoying a night out.

My goal when designing SAUL is to fill your closet with such pieces: simple, elegant, and versatile. We'll be sure to let our customers know where our fabrics are from once a satisfactory source is found.  Until then, we will continue to use our local fabric store, selecting the highest quality fabrics available.  

I want to create simple aesthetic design and meant to encourage you to incorporate your personal style and creativity when wearing them effortlessly day or night. They are also perfect to pair with any of our Limited Edition pieces or are just as beautiful on their own.

So, we work on our samples now..

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January 06, 2015


Our dream and goals are bigger than last year. This year is to reach the highest point of our creativity.

And today I started to ensemble piece by piece of that dream.


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December 25, 2014

a Merry 2014 christmas mesagge, from us to you.

Happy 2015 friends!

2015.  I like the sound of that—-I like numbers in increments of 5. eim.. It just feels right.

And I hope all your holidays felt right…and were all merry and bright !

I couldn't close out the year without saying a very merry Christmas and sharing our message to you, because it’s that most wonderful time of the year…

It’s like friends and family were hanging out with us all season long.
And YOU guys are what makes the season bright.
So thank you for popping in on us throughout the year, for leaving comments and having fun.  

Have a wonderful 2015 !


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December 08, 2014

Media Flash Back

Lihat Kebunku

Silhouette swim wear 

Going 60's theme

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September 09, 2014

Trunk Show with Alun Alun Indonesia

Probably this is the most fascinating day because the entire show went well. Looking back two weeks ago, I though it will be hard to work with all the kids coordinating with the models. I was wrong, the kids were fantastic, practicing all the lines,  [ its not just about catwalk but also is a drama fashion ] all the jokes, remembering the song, etc... They were cute and we had a lot of fun working together with them.

Just wanna say thank you to the lovely moms and their kids, big love to you all.


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